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Silvan develops and manufactures agricultural machinery to meet the needs of Australia’s primary producers. Always at the forefront in the development of new technology, Silvan combines strong innovative management with a comprehensive understanding of today’s agribusiness.


Silvan Machinery is a specialist manufacturer with world-leading expertise in crop-protection sprayers and related equipment. A leader in the design of high-volume and low-volume sprayers, Silvan has a reputation for producing world-class products, and has grown to become the largest Australasian manufacturer of crop-protection equipment. By adding the Jen-ell cable-suspended boomspray rigs to Silvan’s integrated broadacre sprayer range, Silvan now has Australia’s widest range of boomsprays. Specialised equipment has also been developed for crops including vegetables, grapes, apples, pears, citrus, bananas, olives, wheat, cotton and turf.


The recent launch of Silvan Custom Build now allows you to design a unit to suit your specific requirements for spraying, water transfer, diesel transfer, dust suppression and land care products.


Silvan Machinery also distributes a comprehensive range of cultivation, planting, mulching and hay equipment sourced from many of the world’s most prominent manufacturers including Nobili, Breviglieri and Sitrex. With the addition of the Silvan Implements range of high quality agricultural implements including rotary slashers, pasture harrows, carryalls, grader blades and post hole diggers, Silvan now offers a complete range of ground-engaging, grass-cutting and soil-maintaining implements.


Selecta is the merchandise and components division established to service the accessory requirements of primary producers, plant nurseries, the home gardener, handyman, builders, plumbers and landscapers. The Selecta range features products to maximise the capabilities of existing equipment such as pumps, hoses, hand sprayers, nozzles and nozzle holders, fittings, filters, fire fighters and 12-volt portable sprayers, and the Jen-ell range including foam markers and misters.


Today, Silvan products are not only used extensively throughout Australia and New Zealand they are exported to many countries around the world including Japan, Norway, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, New Caledonia, United Arab Emirates and the UK to name just a few.



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Silvan spraying equipment:

  - Broadacre Sprayers

  - G2 Over Row Vineyard Sprayers

  - G2 Supaflow Orchard Sprayers

  - Linkage Sprayers

  - Over Row Vineyard Sprayers

  - Spray Controllers

  - Turbomiser Turbo Tower

  - Booms and Pumps

 Breviqlieri Rotary Hoes

 Ezysplit Wood Splitters

 Silvan Slashers

 Volumex Granulator




Custom Build:

Equipment built to your needs


Selecta products:

  - diesel and Adblue tanks

  - fire fighting units

  - handsprayers and knapsacks

  - pumps

  - sprayer accessories

  - hose kits

  - Sherlock Wheelbarrows


 Farm equipment such as:

  - pasture harrows and grader blades

  - post hole diggers

  - slashers

  - log splitters

  - spreaders

  - hayrakes

  - rotary hoes and mulchers

The Silvan engineering team can design and fabricate anything from chassis' through to slashers if you require a specific design including spraying equipment, water and diesel transfer units and other tank related products that utilise their range of UV stabilised Polytuff tanks and 12-volt through to high pressure engine driven pumps.


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