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Motor Vehicle Inspection in Ararat for peace of mind.


Ararat Auto & Ag Services provides Roadworthy Inspections for both light and heavy vehicles.  We can provide a certificate of road-worthiness for cars, 4WD, buses, trucks and trailers.


Ararat Auto & Ag Services provides accurate, professional motor vehicle inspection.


If you're looking to buy a second hand car, sell your car, planning a long trip or if your car is coming to the end of warranty, you need qualified motor vehicle inspection.


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We provide a range of motor vehicle inspection services to make sure your car is safe.


• Pre-purchase

• End of warranty

• Repair advice

• Maintenance advice

• Regular inspections


The safety of yourself, your passengers and people you share the road with is of utmost importance. Make sure your vehicle is as safe as can be with thorough vehicle testing in Ararat by the experts at Ararat Auto & Ag Services.


Before you buy a second hand car


There are plenty of second hand cars on the market that only appear to be a great deal. Make sure you really are getting a great deal on your second hand car and don't end up with a lemon!


Ararat Auto & Ag Services will make sure everything is as it should be and advise you of any repairs or issues with the car you're looking to buy. Our professional vehicle testing in Ararat has been responsible for better safety on the road. Contact us for more information.


At the end of your warranty


If your car is coming to the end of its warranty, it's a great idea to book it in for a professional motor vehicle inspection. It's your last chance to uncover any possible repairs or issues with the car that can be fixed under warranty. This could save you a good deal of money not too far down the road.


Before a big road trip


Before a big road trip it's smart to have a full motor vehicle inspection on your car. The last thing you want is to be stranded far from home due to a breakdown that could have been prevented if only you'd dropped into Ararat Auto & Ag Services first. Put vehicle safety at the top of your to-do list and visit Ararat Auto & Ag Services before you go.



Safety is important


Safety of you and your loved ones is paramount particularly when you're driving. For solid and reliable motor vehicle inspection in Ararat, contact Ararat Auto & Ag Services today. Be safe, drive well.


Why Ararat Auto & Ag Services is a sensible choice?


Our team of qualified vehicle inspectors is committed to providing accurate and complete assessment of your vehicle.

Ararat Auto & Ag Services prides itself on being extremely thorough in our inspections, leaving nothing to chance.

Your safety and your vehicle are very important to us. We'll keep you safe with our professional vehicle testing.



Please note:  The cost of any repairs undertaken on your vehicle will be in addition to the normal roadworthy inspection cost. We are happy to provide a quote to complete any necessary work.




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