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Deutz Fahr 6 Series

The 6 Series is the perfect fusion between technology and design: engineered with built-in efficiency in every single system and with minute attention to detail in every component, instrument and control, these machines are extraordinarily productive. The range also includes agile, more compact models with a shorter wheelbase that are ideal for any application, to match this superlative efficiency with remarkable versatility. With powerful Deutz engines, tried and tested Powershift transmissions and instantly recognisable, attractive style by Giugiaro Design with clean, bold lines, the 6 Series sets the standards for others to follow.




With a highly modular configuration to cover a wide power spectrum, these engines feature state of the art solutions for maximised performance: four-valve cylinder heads, turbo-intercooler forced induction with wastegate, DCR (Deutz Common Rail) high pressure injection system (up to 1600 bar) with integrated electronic control and SCR catalytic converter exhaust after-treatment system. Combined with the special combustion chamber configuration, DCR maximises performance and ensures constant power delivery even in the most demanding conditions, with superlative torque on tap even at very low engine speeds. Deutz engines are engineered and built specifically for agricultural use, with maximum torque already available at 1600 rpm and maximum power produced at 1900 rpm, while close to maximum power is available almost continuously from 1600 to 2100 rpm - effectively the entire operating range used in the majority of field applications. The SCR catalytic converter maximises efficiency by eliminating the need for exhaust gas recirculation, reducing fuel consumption by up to 10% compared with previous versions of equivalent power outputs. This considerable saving in fuel consumption more than compensates for the cost of AdBlue additive (a 32.5% solution of extremely pure urea in demineralised water) needed for the SCR system to function, minimising both running costs and environmental impact. And for even greater environmental sustainability, all 6 Series models are fully compatible with fuels containing up to 100% biodiesel.


The Powershift  transmission offers four speeds in each range. The APS (Automatic Powershift ) feature automatically selects the ideal powershift speed in relation to load and engine rpm. The rapid response changes of the powershift are effective during operations which require frequent shifting. This lets the driver concentrate fully on the job in hand while the system optimises engine efficiency to reduce fuel consumption. Automatic 4WD and differential lock control gets the machine out of even the trickiest situation.The system automatically engages or disengages 4WD and the differential locks in relation to speed and steering angle. This not only maximises traction for jobs in the field, but also ensures good manoeuvrability.


The S-Class² cab of the new 6 Series is the next evolution of the legendary Agrotron cab. Generous sized windows and screens combined with narrow posts offer perfect 360° visibility. The all-new interior boasts attractive colours and superior quality materials. Numerous storage areas are located logically around the cab and allows documents to be stored safely, while the drinks cooler is big enough even for large bottles. Large screens and windows, rounded mudguards and a sloped hood form the principles of the DEUTZ-FAHR clear view concept, which allows the 6 Series to offer a high degree of unobstructed all-round visibility that is normally the reserved for higher power categories.


Other features include:

  • Multifunction armrest
  • Padded passenger seat with safety belt
  • Effective air conditioning system
  • Anti-slip zinc plated steps with safety edges
  • Self-adjusting air sprung suspension seat
  • Integrated courtesy lights


The hydraulic system uses  120l/m load sensing pump to feed the distributors and lift, and a 42 l/min pump dedicated to the hydrostatic steering system, for smooth and effortless steering even when other hydraulic utilities are operating simultaneously, and in critical operating conditions with the engine at idle speed.

The base configuration of the system includes a pair of mechanically controlled dual action distributors (or, as an option, four), and may be extended with the addition of a third electronically controlled distributor and two more front distributors. “P” versions come with four, dual action electronically controlled distributors (or, as an option, up to seven).

All the distributors may be locked if needed and switched between single and dual action mode, even with the lift in use.



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