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Deutz Fahr 6 Series TTV

The new 6 Series TTV represents a ground-breaking step forward in the evolution of mid-high power tractors with continuously variable transmissions.


The new TTV tractors are the outcome of state of the art technology developed by Deutz-Fahr to maximise performance, fuel economy and driver comfort. These are no longer mere work tools, but highly efficient, productive, versatile and environmentally friendly machines. From ploughing to road transport, and from general farm tasks to working with both front and rear implements, the innovative engines of the 6 Series TTV are ready for the challenges of the future: matching superlative performance with a low environmental impact.


The 6 Series TTV family offers a wide choice of models and generous range of specifications to let you tailor the tractor ideally for your effective needs



DEUTZ engines have been synonymous with pure power and economy for over 140 years. Boasting the latest evolution in fuel injection systems and innovative AdBlue technology, the engines of the 6 Series TTV deliver extraordinary power and performance while minimising fuel consumption. The highly efficient SCR exhaust gas treatment system has made it possible to optimise the fuel consumption of these engines without compromising power.




The TTV transmission combines the efficiency of a conventional mechanical transmission with the comfort and smoothness of a hydrostatic system. The result is an efficient, reliable solution allowing continuous speed variation to put the power produced by the engine to the most effective use possible, and does so effortlessly and without wastage, making your job even easier and more productive. These tractors are equipped with TTV continuously variable power split transmissions, which split the power produced by the engine into two components: the majority of the power is transmitted mechanically via planetary reduction gear units and wet plate clutches, while the remaining component is transmitted hydraulically by a load sensing pump in a solution that allows the speed of the mechanical component to be varied as needed. By varying the delivery of the hydraulic pump, the speed of the tractor can be increased smoothly, without the sudden jerking during gear shifts typical of a conventional transmission.

The mechanical and hydraulic power components are recombined at the output of the transmission by planetary combination gear.

The 6 Series TTV offers the driver a choice of three different modes: Manual, PTO and Auto. In manual mode, engine and vehicle speed are controlled directly via the accelerator pedal and multifunction joystick. In this mode, TTV models drive like a tractor with a mechanical transmission, but with the smoothness typical of a CVT transmission, while also offering the driver an infinite choice of ratios. In PTO mode, the speed of the PTO is maintained at a constant value independently of the speed of the tractor (which the driver can continue to modify continuously). this functionality overcomes the major limitation of conventional mechanical transmissions, which cannot maintain uniform PTO torque at different engine speeds without changing gear.

In automatic mode, an electronic control unit varies the transmission ratio and adjusts engine speed in relation to load to maintain a constant vehicle speed. Completing the transmission system is a dedicated electrohydraulic reverse shuttle while allows direction inversions even under load.



You'll feel right at home the instant you settle into the new MaxiVision cab. Every control is at your fingertips, while individual functions - such as hydraulic distributors and the PTO - are clearly identified by distinct colours.


Each switch is marked with a clear, backlit symbol to facilitate use even in the dark. A coloured indicator lamp integrated in the switch itself signals when the relative function is active. This helps even an inexperienced driver quickly feel confident with the tractor, even in the least favourable conditions, such as in poor light late in the evening after a long day at work.


The WorkDisplay, fitted as standard on the A pillar, keeps the driver informed of all operating parameters clearly and simply. The driver can, for example, check the settings for hydraulic functions and "ComforTip" sequences, also recall information from the integrated on-board computer, such as average fuel consumption, area covered and distance travelled.



With its new single piece windscreen, slim pillars and large, curved side doors, the MaxiVision is the only cab to offer 360° visibility. This not only improves safety, but also productivity, as the driver has a clear view of the implements at all times.



The new MaxiVision cab offers plenty of space to carry everything you need while you work. With compartments for glasses and documents and a cooler for beverages (with space enough for large bottles), everything is kept tidy and within easy reach.




6 Series TTV tractors come as standard with a Load Sensing hydraulic system which, with a capacity of up to 160 litres/min, is capable of delivering enough oil flow for even the heaviest duty jobs.


Standard equipment also includes four electronically controlled double acting valves (or up to seven as an option), while two additional double acting valves may also be installed as an option at the front of the tractor. Naturally, all the distributors may be locked if needed and switched between single and double acting mode, while the valve is in “float” mode. Time and flow control modes are available for all valves.


All control levers are colour-coded and can be assigned to the different hydraulic connections. The Power-Beyond coupling may be used to supply the full flow of the tractor pump to the hydraulic unit of the implement. This function is particularly useful when using implements with their own hydraulic controls and with high hydraulic flow demands.


The Load Sensing function continuously adjusts the hydraulic flow delivered in relation to effective load, minimising power losses (and, as a result, fuel consumption), and maximising the durability of the hydraulic components.



The rear and front hitches are perfectly sized for the tractor and combine ease of use with excellent lift capabilities. To facilitate implement hitching manoeuvres, the rear linkage may be operated from duplicate controls behind the driver in the cab, or from remote controls on the mudguards.


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